How to Manage Your Online Reputation


If you’re not managing your online reputation, your business could be at risk. Negative reviews, bad press, and other disparaging material can be extremely damaging, especially for small businesses. 

Disparaging content can weigh down your customer acquisition efforts and hurt sales. Worst of all, damaged reputations don’t heal quickly. Once your credibility is shot, it’s very hard to come back from it. You could be forced to reset your entire reputation with a costly rebranding effort, or worse.

What is ORM?

ORM stands for Online Reputation Management and it should be an important part of your business’s digital strategy. Businesses almost always run into some bad press at some point, but business owners can’t be complacent about defending their online reputation. ORM services allow business owners to go on the offensive against bad press, and practitioners use a variety of techniques to meet their goals.

Benefits of Online Reputation Management

ORM services offer a lot of value for busy business owners. They offer a variety of services that will help your brand maintain a stellar online reputation.

  • Ensure that your organization’s online reputation matches fits its brand image.
  • Monitor your organization’s online reputation and address reputation attacks.
  • Maintain a positive online presence and ensure you’re portrayed accurately.
  • Counter negative and inaccurate claims with a strategic and professional response.
  • Become a trusted authority by gaining a reputation as a trusted source.  

ORM Strategies and Techniques

Imagine typing your business’s name in Google and the first thing that comes up is a one-star review from a very vindictive customer. A negative item like that can be extremely damaging, but ORM services can help put out the fire. ORM agencies have resources that are specially suited for this kind of outreach, and they use a variety of techniques to address these problems.   

Outreach & PR

Sometimes, bad press can be resolved with a little bit of diplomacy. The first step is reaching out to whoever is behind the negative item. You might be able to convince them to take it down. Don’t be confrontational, just send a friendly inquiry referencing the negative item, apologize (even if you don’t mean it), and ask them if there’s anything you can do to resolve the issue. You might be surprised to see how far a ‘sorry’ can go. Worst case, a gift certificate or other concession is a small price to pay to get rid of an ugly smudge on your reputation.

Counter SEO

If you can’t convince the poster to remove the negative item, the next option is to knock it down by force. An ORM service can help develop strategies to outrank the negative item and force it further down the search engine results page. The idea is to push the negative item into obscurity and reduce its exposure to minimize the impact on your online reputation.    

Social Media

Reputation management doesn’t end at the search engine results page. Many potential customers follow their favorite brands on social media, so effective social monitoring is a critical component of any ORM strategy. However, social ORM isn’t entirely defensive. An ORM service can help brands expand their social influence and engage with more potential customers.   

How To Get Started

Managing your online reputation starts with a plan. There are no quick fixes in this space, it takes commitment and diligence to achieve your objectives. If you want to implement ORM practices at your organization, expert advice can help point you in the right direction. 

Golden Age Consultants’ ORM specialists can help your business build a sterling online reputation from the ground up. GA’s team of experts has all the expertise you need to get started. Don’t wait for a negative item to pop up, contact Golden Age today for a free one-on-one session.